Château Gandoy PerrinatExclusive distribution

Château Gandoy Perrinat is located on a hillside near Sauveterre de Guyenne, a fortified medieval town constructed in 1281, when the region was under the control of the Plantagenet King of England and the Duke of Aquitaine, Edward 1. The Château has one hundred and eighteen hectares of vines, primarily devoted to red grape varieties with eighty-six hectares, and five hectares of white grapes. The vineyard is superbly exposed on a slightly undulating plateau.

Since 1996 La Guyennoise and Château Gandoy Perrinat are bound, on the one hand by the exclusive distribution rights on the whole range of the wines from the estate. On the other hand, these special relations between Château Gandoy Perrinat and La Guyennoise as well as their close geographical location catalysed the reorganisation of its vineyards and reconstruction of the wine cellar.

A traditional approach is employed in the vineyard and winery with some modifications to leverage modern oenogical techniques.

The deliberate reduction of yields, rigorous sorting of grapes, and long macerations, guarantee quality and authenticity in the red wines.  The white grapes undergo a skin maceration and low-temperature fermentation, enabling the production of a distinguished and lively, yet delicate dry white Bordeaux.


50% Merlot
45% Cabernet Sauvignon
5% Petit Verdot

Gold medal Vinalies Internationales 2017
Gold medal Bruxelles 2017
Silver medal Macon 2017
Silver medal Gilbert & Gaillard 2017
Bronze medal Vinalies Nationales 2017

Bordeaux Blanc Sec

100% Sauvignon

Gold medal Bordeaux 2017 
Gold medal Blayais Bourgeais 2017 
Silver Medal Paris 2017 
Silver Medal Vinalies Nationales 2017 
Bronze Medal Macon 2017 

Bordeaux Rosé

100% Merlot

Bronze medal Macon 2017
Silver medal Vinalies Internationales 2016
Gold medal Gilbert & Gaillard 2016
Silver medal Challenge des Vins En Entre-Deux-Mers 2016
Silver medal Lyon 2015