Distributor brand and MRP wines are matured under the supervision of oenologists in a temperature-controlled stainless steel vat room with a capacity of 27,000 hl. Wines are filtered using a tangential system, ensuring high quality filtration. The filter has fully automated cleaning and sterilization programs.

Located in the heart of the winery, the laboratory is equipped with the latest technology and ideally situated to carry out the required physico-chemical analyses, from the reception of wines in bulk to bottling. The laboratory monitors the wines throughout the maturing process.

To ensure traceability, meticulous records are kept of all treatments and tests carried out on each vat. The consistency and reliability of operations are guaranteed by strict procedures for oenological interventions and the treatment. Hygienic conditions are strictly maintained through closely monitored cleaning and disinfection procedures.

The three bottling lines with production capacities of 17,000 bottles per hour, enable clients’ needs to be met quickly and efficiently. While Bag-In-Box (BIB) production is carried out by a semi- automatic line that can produce up to 2,500 BIB per day.

The laboratory is involved at every stage, carrying out the necessary physico-chemical analysis to monitor and guarantee quality.  A batch number is applied to each capsule during bottling to ensure complete traceability, from the source vat to dispatch.

A vast 1800 m2 temperature-controlled storage facility accommodates up to three million bottles, enabling efficient management of stocks and optimal delivery times. An exclusive 200 m2 area is reserved for La Guyennoise’s own production. The dispatch facility is equipped with four loading docks.

A selection of our trading wines